amelie poulain


Amélie" is a fanciful comedy about a young woman who discretely orchestrates the lives of the people around her, creating a world exclusively of her own making. Shot in over 80 Parisian locations, acclaimed director Jean-Pierre Jeunet ("Delicatessen"; "The City of Lost Children") invokes his incomparable visionary style to capture the exquisite charm and mystery of modern-day Paris through the eyes of a beautiful ingenue.

This illustration was made with scratchboard. Keep scrolling to see the process

"Amelie Poulain" - Scratchboard and digital color

"Amelie Poulain" - Scratchboard and digital color

Initial sketch and digital value comp.

Amelie process

After transfering the linework to the claybord, the ink work began!

Amelie process

Finished 9x12 inches scratchboard.

2RC©-Amelie Poulain-04 sketch.jpg

Final illustration, colored in Photoshop.

Amelie Poulain poster