the lives of christopher chant

-book cover-

This book is an oldie but a goodie. It has the perfect combination of world building, originality, witty humor, unpredictability, and unforgettable characters. A boy named Christopher Chant travels in his dreams. As he gets older, he starts to realize that his dream worlds are, in fact, real places, and his extraordinarily rare gift of being able to travel brings the attention of powerful enchanters - good and evil.

We were inspired to do this cover because, as people who judges books by their covers, we felt that the story was not really shining through with the cover our edition has.

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"The Lives of Christopher Chant" - Oils, ink and digital.

"The Lives of Christopher Chant" - Oils, ink and digital.


Vivian developed the idea initially on a loose sketch and then made the oil painting over illustration board.

2RC-Chrestomanci03-Thumbnail and Final Comp.jpg

Alejo, on the other hand, worked on the border with pen and ink.


Final illustration as it would look on the book.

The Lives of Christopher Chant