howl’s moving castle

In this personal project we illustrated three scenes from the fantasy book Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.

Diana Wynne Jones is one of our favorite authors and we loved to revisit this book and choose certain scenes that we imagined vividly while we read to be illustrated.

Illustrators: Alejo Porras & Vivian Hansen de los Rios (Two Rivers Creative)

Howl’s Moving Castle on May Day
Chapter 1
”She looked up and saw Wizard Howl's castle right down on the hillside above the town, so near it seemed to be sitting on the chimneys.”


Howl is discovered enchanting Letty in Mrs. Fairfax’s garden.
Chapter 8
“Howl was kneeling on one knee in the grass at her feet, holding one of her hands and looking noble and ardent.”


Sophie encounters the Witch of the Waste
Chapter 13:
“The Witch came floating up the little street, smiling, twirling her parasol, followed by two sulky-looking page boys in orange velvet.”